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About us

Sola Transports provides a wide range of transport services and national and international Removals from 1960. We have warehouses for storage of goods and furniture; State-of-the-art equipment and specialized to satisfy any need in the field of movement of apartments, offices, exhibitions, museums. All services are backed by experience, rapidity and courtesy, with porters preparations in the treatment of packaging and in custody.


  • MARCO - employee

    The first time I tried to move with the help of friends and relatives whom I thank affectionately, Unfortunately it ‘s been a disaster, many things broken or lost who knows where. Then I knew Sola Transports and their professionalism and competence to make moving a breeze!

  • CHIARA - project manager

    "Hereby is to thank you of work you have done, your collaborators were precise, fast and polite, so I felt obliged to thank you for the competence shown." This is one of the many messages sent to us by our customers.


    I work in the field of construction and very often my clients rely on me even for the phase of moving, I’ve tried the first times to organize in several steps with my workers but I always encountered in various problems. Then I knew Sola Transports, a resourceful Company able to satisfy every need ...


Local removals, national, international - Small and large moving everywhere.
Disassembly, reassembly and porterage - Packaging and storage of furniture in Box store.
Availability of vans with permission for historic centre with the freight elevator.