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"The inspection" is for us an indispensable operation to verify the uniqueness of the furnishings, the quantity of boxes to provide and evaluate possible problems related to the practicability or possible use of specific equipment for prepare a detailed budget.


To ensure the safety and security of goods moved during a move our company has made packing a real art, using quality materials and of different types that meet a fundamental requirement for resistance to mechanical stress and protects from external action of atmospheric agents, thus providing various solutions to the specific needs of the customers. Special fitting materials are used to protect paintings, furnishings of particular value, of Murano glassware, chandeliers, collections of wines or liquors and of all goods for which special attention is requested.


We provide our customers a large stock, equipped for the handling and storage of household goods, personal effects, artwork or documents, for short or long periods of time. Its strategic location at the gates of Rome makes it possible to reach it with ease, avoiding the traffic of the city. The entire structure is protected by four alarm systems and protected against theft, fire and flooding. Finally you take out insurance on the goods held, of any description or value.


Workshops, industrial machinery, archives, offices, laboratories, are typical examples of movements between sites that we create with accuracy and expertise. We carry out the inspections to assess various requirements and timing by defining the various movements that will minimize the catch of each company. Equipment and particularly heavy or bulky instruments are handled by special equipment owned by us. Often the removals are performed in different times and throughout the weekend, also offer material management services in order to permit the ready retrieval.

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Local removals, national, international - Small and large moving everywhere.
Disassembly, reassembly and porterage - Packaging and storage of furniture in Box store.
Availability of vans with permission for historic centre with the freight elevator.